Fallout 5: Release Date, Specs, Features, Price, Trailer

Revolutionary video gaming could also be named as Fallout series. The war ruins and uncanny robots are the most typical characteristics of the Fallout games. It is been two years since Fallout 4 floored the gamers’ world and was a huge success. Since then Fallout games have become one of the biggest rivals for other video games. The Fallout gaming series has bagged many awards for being the most competitive and upgraded video games of the decade.

The Fallout series are based in future that is the 22nd century and has been set in different locations. Fallout 5 is the next release in the line of Fallout series. Fallout 4 was set in Massachusetts majorly Boston and now Fallout5 has a vast array of locations to choose from. Fallout5 is also anticipated to bring back the role-playing dialogue system of the Fallout gaming series.

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1. Fallout 5 Release Date

Fallout5 is an undercover project of Bethesda at the moment. Nothing has been said about it. In fact, the Bethesda team is not ready to confirm whether there will be Fallout 5?

However, after the major success o Fallout 4, it is next to impossible that Fallout 5 won’t come up. Fallout has been one of the earliest video gaming series that started long back in the year 1997. Since then only five games have been released and they have been a grand success each time. Naming them will include Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and the most recent Fallout 4.

The last release was in the year 2015. The pattern of releases shows erratic gaps of one year, ten years, two years and then five years. So we can’t rely much on this. However, some of the incidents on social media platforms hint us that Fallout 5 production is going on at a fast pace. And thereby we expect that Fallout5 will come in the market latest by 2020. The year 2020 has been targeted by many other games and hence Fallout5 will also be there to fight the rival games.

2. Fallout 5 Specs

Fallout 5 specs cannot be listed with any grounded declarations. However, experts have made some predictions like Fallout 5 will be a technology marvel. The only thing that was criticized endlessly about Fallout 4 was its control and lack of visual appeal. These issues will certainly be resolved with the coming off Fallout5.

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It is expected that next Fallout will have an engine upgrade too. Fallout 4 had major loopholes when it came to controlling the game and hence the gamers were disappointed. A better graphic user interface is also one of the inevitable Fallout 5 specifications.

3. Fallout 5 Features

Fallout 5 is expected to be based in multiple locations unlike the previous games in Fallout series which were located in only place. The next Fallout will be based in places like New York and East Coast. Fallout 4 lacked good animation and it did not have any 3 D effects or illusions. The companion mode too was difficult to interpret and did not operate well. All this will be changed with better versions of each in Fallout. Upcoming Fallout is expected to have better weapons and a bigger setting. Laser torches and an even more challenging Hardcore mode will all add on to the power packed Fallout5. You will be allowed to expand the war field and also will have better vehicles and locations. The sound effects will also be customized for Fallout 5 to be better and have a profound impact.

4. Fallout 5 Price

Fallout 4 was a huge profit making the triumph of Bethesda. A new VR version of Fallout 4 is going to be released this year. Most probably it will further scale up the profit margins of Fallout 4 and thus be the best-selling Fallout game till date. Fallout 4 was priced around 59.99 $ with some variations depending on the place of purchase. Earlier prices might have been slightly more or less but after some time, they all did come to down to a common price of 59.99$. Similarly, it is expected that even the newer addition Fallout 5 will be priced around 60 $. It might get cheaper later. Even with all the upgrade and improvisation, it is not probable that Fallout 5 will have any sky scraping price.

5. Fallout 5 Trailer

Fallout 5 Trailer will have the answers any Fallout fan is dying to know. But certainly, there is no possibility of getting to see the Fallout 5 Trailer for the coming 2 years. Only after the official date of release of Fallout 5 is announced will the Fallout 5 trailer be launched. The Fallout 5 trailer based on the prediction of the Fallout 5 Release Date is expected to be revealed in the year 2019 or 2020. Anything before that will only be a morphed video or Fallout graphic. It’s expected that next version will support 4k resolution video out. It could also be possible that the Fallout5 Trailer comes up earlier in 2019 if Ryan Alosio did actually make a Fallout5 leak!

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6. Fallout 5 Characters

A lot of Fallout fans have been expressing their desire for a female protagonist to accompany the male lead. A video game adds on the charm when it has a female lead. The victory seemed incomplete for the Fallout gamers and hence they want a new entry with the Fallout5 coming. Also, the Fallout 5 wish list includes adding a number of characters. And another major call is for Fallout 5 characters is that they should be more than pictures and should actually have an engaging role in the Fallout5 Story. That certainly contradicts the concept of a war ruin and abandoned place but when fans have demanded it so it will be fulfilled!

7. Fallout 5 Story

Fallout 4 was a major success because of the story it revolved around. It is expected that Fallout 5 Story will also be on similar lines. However, a new story is much awaited as it’s been more than two decades and not much has changed about Fallout game’s backdrop. A twist to the Fallout5 Plot will attract a bigger audience and increase the sales. Also, there has to be a better look to the story by giving a wardrobe makeover to the Fallout 5 Characters. This is the reason why Fallout5 needs the addition of new characters and a wider location for Fallout5 setting.

8. Fallout 5 Location

Fallout5 is going to be bigger than before. It is expected to be set in locations such as US, Beijing, New York, East Coast, Seattle, Philadephia etc. The Fallout5 views will be better and include more than barren lands. The Fallout5 Location is the most anticipated feature of Fallout 5 and hopefully, it will be as unexpected because everyone is ready to have a combination of Fallout5 Locations.

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9. Fallout 5 Wishlist

  • There is a lot that fans want from Fallout5 like better graphics, old dialogue display, bigger vehicles with control options etc.
  • The companion mode should be given a farewell forever and instead, the Hardcore mode should be kept even in Fallout5.
  • Another technical improvisation such as a better engine for Fallout is also essential for preventing a major drop in sales.
  • The weapons need to be made more precise and exact. No not that the Fallout 5 game be made a baby video game but certainly have that much of control that only calls for dexterity and not frustration due to haywire bullet firing.
  • Better Al is another Fallout 5 wish list’s add on. These companions should be given more powers to help the lead fight in a better manner.
  • A new story line rather than the same old Fallout 1997 thing.
  •  Different quests option should be added so that Fallout5 gets like many games in one game.

10. Fallout 5 Rumors

What we just expressed in the Fallout5 wish list is actually rumored to be true that the Companion mode feature will be dropped entirely in next Fallout. This mode did not have an unbiased user interface and left the player as to what had to be done next or what was coming next.

Another rumor that Ryan Alosio created was that he had been working on Fallout5 and the production was nearly done. He posted an Instagram post saying that he had been working for the production of Fallout5 and Bethesda has been developing the game. However later he confirmed that it was a prank and it was all a Fallout 5 Rumor.

The release of Fallout 5 is far away in future so a lot of Fallout5 Rumors will keep coming up. For now, Bethesda will be focusing on their new VR mode of Fallout 4. We will update you about latest leaks and scoops and everything about Fallout5. Here we are leaving you with one of the best gameplay and hacks of fallout4 game:

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